Prices | Customs

Import customs clearance (TIR)                              25.000,-HUF + VAT
Import customs clearance (T1 transmission of the commodities)                                                             25.000,-HUF + VAT
Export customs clearance                                         15.000,-HUF + VAT
Export customs clearance (EUR1, TIR)                    20.000,-HUF + VAT
Customs clearance and storage inboard        200,-HUF + VAT /m2/day
Customs clearance and storage outboard      150,-HUF + VAT /m2/day
Re export                                                                    35.000,-HUF + VAT
Tax warehouse documents                                        35.000,-HUF + VAT
Starting T1 document 0-1.500.000 until customs tax    
                                                                                 10.000,-HUF + VAT
Starting T1 document 1.500.000-2.500.000 until customs tax                                                                                    
15.000,-HUF + VAT
Starting T1 document 2.500.000-3.000.000 until customs tax                                                                                    
20.000,-HUF + VAT
Starting T1 document 3.000.000-6.000.000 until customs tax                                                                                    
30.000,-HUF + VAT
Mechanical loading until 0–10 palettes                      8.000,-HUF + VAT

(in case of cart to cart)                                                                                   Mechanical loading until 10–33 palettes                  18.000,-HUF + VAT    Mechanical loading until 10–33 palettes                  15.000,-HUF + VAT   
(in case of cart to warehouse)                                                                    Manual loading 7,5 tons (cart to cart)                      15.000,-HUF + VAT
Manual loading 24 tons (cart to cart)                      
30.000,-HUF + VAT
Weighting 7,5 tons                                                       2.000,-HUF + VAT
Weighting 24 tons                                                        3.500,-HUF + VAT

The storage in the warehouse is free until 5 days!